Top Five Car Related Tattoos

If you are into cars and tattoos, why not combine both? If you are obsess with your car then here’s your chance to be with your beloved partner all the time. Who can blame you? Your car will not give you a hard time unlike your wife. But kidding aside, it can be a real spontaneous and wild act when you get a car tattoo. Here are the top five car related tattoos that you may want to have.

  A Chevrolet Tattoo. You will never go wrong with a cool chevy. This car brand is the heartbeat of America and with this tattoo it is like saying that you are the heartthrob of the country! You will rock the world of those who will see your tattoo!    

 A Cadillac Tattoo. If you want to feel like a star then you should get a Cadillac tattoo. This brand is famous all over the world. You will surely impress a lot of women with this cool tattoo.

  A 1949 Ford Mercury Tattoo. This brand is one of the most trusted names in the car industry. With this 1949 Ford Mercury tattoo a lot of people will be reminded of their slogan in the 40’s that there’s a ford in the future. Indeed, we are still in love with their car models.

 A Race Car Tattoo. If you are in need for speed then you should get this cool race car tattoo. Now, you do not have to worry about any traffic violation! This tattoo is better than getting an over speeding ticket!

 A Vintage Car Tattoo. Don’t you just love the classics? The vintage car tattoos have intricate details and you can also use different colors to make it more attractive.

Top 5 rally cars for modifying

So are you into car racing? Then, I am sure you want to own one someday. Well if you will be given the chance to modify any car to compete in the world rally car championship what would that be? There are lots of rally cars that can be a good subject for modification. But here are the top 5.

 Lancia Delta. Do not underestimate this small family car, for with the right modification it can win you world championship trophy. In fact, the Delta dominated the racing world in the early 90’s. You can choose from different models like the Lancia Delta Intergrale or the HF Integrale Evo 1 which can run up to 220 kilometers per hour.

Toyota Celica GT-Four. This car has won lots of world championships. This car has great features, one of which is the water to air intercooler which is perfect for racing.

Nissan Pulsar GTI-R. This is an affordable yet high performance car from Nissan. The car has a length of 156.5 inches and a width of 66.5 inches. Although you may want to change the tires to achieve maximum speed in competitions.

Subaru Impreza WRX. The Subaru Impreza has been subjected to various modifications. The new 2011 model will surely attract a lot of younger generation. However, experts tried to concentrate in weight distribution and suspension of this model to better the racing performance.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. This car model has been modified to attain maximum performance. The tenth generation introduced a 4B11T turbocharged engine which is a new concept.

Tuning Little Cars like the Fiat Panda

If you have little cars then it is about time that you make some modifications. Why not try new look in your car this year? It can be a challenging and interesting project if you tune it into a fiat panda. This will not only enhance the look of your little car but at the same time will improve its performance. This will also give you additional space which will make your journey more comfortable. 

 Tuning basically involves the alteration of the external features of the cars like putting of rear bumpers, air vents, and wheels. So be ready with your budget for your new fiat panda will be a sight for a sore eyes!

 In order to tune your little cars into fiat panda, you may need experts help and advice. But to give you little details your little car will need to undergo processes like interior tuning to acquire the internal features of the fiat panda, the engine tuning which is to change the type of engine to further its performance such as by modifying the air filter or putting a more powerful engine like the one used in the Fiat panda. It also involves suspension tuning such as the changing of springs and shock absorbers. Your little car will also be subject to body tuning by copying some of the external features of the Fiat Panda. You also need to change your tires in order to match the Fiat’s performance. In fact if you want to be environment friendly, you can copy the Fiat Panda Aria’s engine which emits only 69 g/km CO2.

Taxi’s in Bangkok – the modified car trend in taxis

Sawasdee Ka! That is how you say hello in Thailand. So if you are planning to have a trip in Bangkok which is the capital of Thailand, then you should get to know this magnificent place in the exotic Far East a little better.

 Aside from the great nightlife and shopping, Bangkok is well known for its pristine beaches and exquisite temples. I am sure you will be amazed to see the Koh Kret, Wat Pho or the temple of the reclining Buddha, Wat Traimit or the temple of the Golden Buddha, the temple of dawn, and a lot more. So what better way to discover Bangkok is through its taxis! The modified cars turned into taxi by thai people are gaining lots of popularity. These modified cars are helping owners save lots money. Due to the financial crisis the world is facing today, people are finding alternatives to earn a decent living. That is why the thai instead of buying new cars took ingenious ways to solve their problems. In fact by modifying their cars, they will just spend little amount to come up with great looking taxis. The usual taxis in Bangkok are two tones like green and yellow or red and blue.

 You can see lots of these taxis at Bangkok. I am sure your tour around Bangkok will be very memorable with the help of these modified cars. You no longer have to worry in finding your way around the place. Just do not forget to say “khob-kun-kha”. 

Why do people modify Vans?

Vans are really important nowadays. When you have business, you can really count on vans to make your deliveries. If you are a mother of five kids then you will surely appreciate the versatility and comfort of your van. Life is easy when you have a van.

But why do you think people modify their vans, when it has lots of cool features. The world is changing everyday, we need to adapt to these changes in order to survive. For example, what you do not need yesterday may become one of your necessities tomorrow. So like people, our vans need to be susceptible to changes. When you have a one year old van, some of the parts will need modification in order to match your lifestyle. These parts must be upgraded in order to maintain its high quality performance. You may need new frails to help you transport fragile objects. You can also try ply lining to protect the interior portion of your vans from scratches.

 Other modifications that you can try in your van will include the installation of new bulkheads to reduce noise levels, a latest racking, adding cool sign writing to express your personality, putting of tow bars and pipe tubes. In fact, you can also modify your van to have an easy access to people with disabilities. I am sure that your family and friends with handicap will appreciate your gesture. There are some people who just want their vans to have makeover. They play with different colors and designs to make their vans comfortable and attractive.

Modified Cars by Manufacturer

We have just rolled out a better way to find specific modified cars, you can now use the manufacturers drop down list to jump strait to modified cars for a specific manufacturer or using this manufacturer car auction list – we have also made each manufacturer model and price breakdowns, so you can do things like see all modified honda’s for sale between £500 and £2,000 or all modified bmw 3series for sale. We hope you like the new system, we will be rolling it out to all car makes soon enough, hopefully it will make finding exact modified cars (or stock cars to modify) easier.

Did you know? Most popular 3 modified cars

We will be releasing the Modified Car Auction Zeitgeist shortly but in the mean time could you guess what the most looked at cars are? The most popular modified cars? we guessed 2 out of 3, but the 3rd modified car we never expected to be in the top 5 let alone the top 3. Heres the most looked at cars for the recent past:

Top 1 most sort after modified car: Nissan Skyline GTR34
Its mad just how many people come looking for a skyline for sale, there are a bunch of different models but the fact remains the skyline gtr34 is all-time jap car awesomeness.

Top 2 most seen modified car: Toyota Supra MkIV
The mark 4 supra was a worldwide release car, but still they are being imported into the uk, which says something (probably not as many as the gtr34 but still.) With a 3 ltr engine and twin turbos as standard there’s no reason this car shouldn’t still be high up there, with sweet veilside kits and epic turbo kits the supra will probably remain in the top 10 for some time to come.

No# 3 – the unexpected contender -Modified Impreza’s
Ok so its not such a big suprise that the subaru impreza is up there on the top 3, still we expected cars like the 300zx and some of the german saloons to come up here, not another import – but yeah the impreza sti is up there apparently, at least according to what you are all looking at!

Look out for the official modified car zeitgeist soon – see what people are actually modifying and what mods are under the bonnets of your fellow street legends.

Modified corsas on Modauctions

After an upsurge in the searching of you guys for modified corsas we have put together a special place where you can find the best modified corsas for sale in the uk at this very second, just to tickle your fancy. I saw one modified corsa the other day (I think it was a 54 plate – which is the model I like best) which was either a gxi or gsi or redtop (I am no specialist) but it was all black with black low kit, blacked windows etc. Pretty nice, a good car to start modifying with? Probably – theres tons of kits and stuff available for them.

Don’t know much about corsa engine tuning though – I suppose its vauxhall so the engines are probably fairly long lasting.

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