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modauctions tastes great (we are on delicious)

Another week and another great number of modified cars for sale searchs, thanks for using the site all, if you have any feedback on the car auction search or anything to do with mod auctions please do let us know! This week we have joined the ever-great service Delicious, where you can now find the [...]

Hyundai Pony for sale?

It’s not exactly the most epic car ever is it? The Hyundai pony is way too popular for its own good – I cant believe 20 of you mod auction regulars have been searching for “hyundai pony for sale” within the first two weeks of our new search engine. Im glad to say there has [...]

Modified Car Search

Well – a few days with the new designed site and you guys are loving it! – It seems a modified car search is what the site was missing as we have had a huge amount of search’s done in the last 48 hours for everything from Audi Turbo’s to modified GT5′s – thanks to [...]

Modified Cars For Sale – A new Look!

Well if you hadn’t already noticed the Mod Auctions website has had a complete redesign, from the ground up. Hopefully the new design will be much more usable than the last one which was seriously starting to show its age! Check out the new homepage for Modified Cars For Sale and comment here if you [...]

BMW M3 GTS Modified

When it comes to modified BMW’s you mostly see 3 series models like the 325 or the 335ci lowered, blacked windows and with quad pipes. You would probably not instinctively think of modifying a BMW M3 when you brought one, and guess what – you now definately need to modify it less – because BMW [...]

Modified Cars on Twitter!

We are now fully using our twitter account so go ahead and follow us @ – we will be keeping everyone up to date on small things there as well as the bigger things here on this modified car blog!

Mod Auctions Starts a Modified Car blog!!!

Well if your reading this you probably already realised – Mod Auctions .co .uk has launched this blog, which is going to feature modified cars in every possible form. From your VDub love to your split rim obsessive’s to your drifting volvo’s from the 1980′s. The worlds most popular modified car auction site brings you [...]

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