BMW M3 GTS Modified

When it comes to modified BMW’s you mostly see 3 series models like the 325 or the 335ci lowered, blacked windows and with quad pipes. You would probably not instinctively think of modifying a BMW M3 when you brought one, and guess what – you now definately need to modify it less – because BMW have done it all for you and this is no Alpina M3, this is the BMW M3 GTS or The BMW M3 Track Star.


Its bold to go right ahead and call it the M3 track-star, but after the year of rave reviews on the standard M3 I suppose BMW have a right to be a bit cocky. First up look at this beast, it does look very very good. The choice of Orange clearly works, although it would probably look a whole lot more murderous in black or bright white and the slightly altered bodywork does suit it though. The modified M3 side skirts and the new lower diffuser on the front definately make the track star look sharper than the regular M3, the wheels nicely fill the arche’s too.


The standard Carbon fibre roof from the normal M3 stays, a hefty matching spoiler compliments it and sets off the black / orange colour scheme. But as well as all this new fancy styling you do get some fairly substancial track car extra’s, or rather subtractions. The M3 GTS is the lyposuctioned younger sister of the M3 and it was worth the cash. Less than 1.5 tons of orange track goodness shoehorned into this beautiful looking M3!! this weight would be good in a lot of track cars, but this is one beast of a modified track car – match that 1,500 kg with the 4.4 litre, 450 bhp BMW V8 and your flying, almost literally.


No car could claim to be a Track Star without some decent technology – the M3 Track Star has a ton of cool gadgets too, including twin clutch, individual throttle butterflies and a wet-sump oil supply. You also get a nice roll cage and some decent seats, but you won’t find air conditioning on the list! All in all the new BMW custom M3 is pretty slick, personally I would have it almost un altered but in black and lowered about 1 or 2 inchs. Then you just need the number plate “M3NT4L” and your a winner!

All Images Courtesy of the ever brilliant BMW

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