Hyundai Pony for sale?

It’s not exactly the most epic car ever is it? The Hyundai pony is way too popular for its own good – I cant believe 20 of you mod auction regulars have been searching for “hyundai pony for sale” within the first two weeks of our new search engine. Im glad to say there has been some good car’s for sale that you have uncovered though, like a really epic nissan silvia that I saw and a very nice jeep randomly. Still if you are looking for hyundai pony’s for sale you can find them here, even if it is bad taste :/

Ever seen a proper modified hyundai pony? no we haven’t either – do you have a modified hyundai-pony? wan’t to get featured on ModAuctions? send us a pic, I dare you.


2 Responses to “Hyundai Pony for sale?”

  1. It is oldest model of Hyundai of 1975 it is 4 door sedan . It was market in Belgium . It is simple class look car.

  2. You love it basically

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