Mod Auctions Starts a Modified Car blog!!!

Well if your reading this you probably already realised – Mod Auctions .co .uk has launched this blog, which is going to feature modified cars in every possible form. From your VDub love to your split rim obsessive’s to your drifting volvo’s from the 1980′s. The worlds most popular modified car auction site brings you everything you want to read about in the world of modified mayhem. We plan to post as much as possible and are open to any guest post’s if any of you modified car forum’s want to big up yourselves (even if your something like Leeds Lexus (lol) and you want to talk about your is200′s or whatever – just drop us a comment and we will be in touch.) We will also post some random modified car pictures when we take them/find them and as there’s the odd stonking modified beauty in car auctions we will highlight them to you guys.

We have now got a twitter ( <– FOLLOW THIS), we are thinking about a email newsletter letting you know the hot hot modified cars as they become available and we will be offering a bunch more cool things as 2009 closes and we enter 2010. Watch this space modified car fan’s because Mod  Auctions is going to give you all of the worlds ultimate modified car goodness, in one easy to digest blog.


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