Modified Cars For Sale – A new Look!

Well if you hadn’t already noticed the Mod Auctions website has had a complete redesign, from the ground up. Hopefully the new design will be much more usable than the last one which was seriously starting to show its age! Check out the new homepage for Modified Cars For Sale and comment here if you have any criticisms/input, we think this should definitely enhance anyone’s use of the site.


The New Look Mod Auctions

As well as a complete redesign we have cut back on the pesky adverts and improved the code behind the scenes, so generally surfing the site you should see a good improvement on loading times, and of course more cars for sale / less ads than before! But we didn’t stop at a redesign, we have also added a bunch of new features including a vastly improved search, as well as a separate search for parts. You can use both from the modified car search trends page where you can also check out what the most common search’s on the site are! As well as this we also added Manufacturer specific modified cars for sales pages so you can find both aftermarket parts as well as modified-cars for sale specific to a model, e.g. Modified BMW’s.

At this point we are also looking at taking on new advertisers for the new design, we are open to all enquiries and are looking to sell advertising space to other car related business’s – if this sounds like you please Get In Touch with us.

This isn’t the end of the changes, Mod Auctions will likely remain in a somewhat flux situation until we settle on a design that works well – so expect new features to pop up here and there in the near future!

Mod Auctions – Tommorows Modified Cars – Today..Or maybe its just strait modified cars for sale – what do you think?


3 Responses to “Modified Cars For Sale – A new Look!”

  1. Looks sweet man

  2. Harpret.Manaard on November 14th, 2009 at 6:23 pm

    Mucccccccch better than the old site – can actualy find thingz im looking for now!! thx!!

  3. Looks good, love the green!

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