Christmas Car Sale

You can understand why just before christmas everyone is selling cars to free up money or too get rid of their current motor before the new year but really this majority of sellers makes for a car buyers market pre-xmas. What about after christmas day is over though? then what happens to the car buyer/seller market?

I’m sure theres been a ton of study into this but here at modified car auctions uk we aren’t so scientific as that, we basically watch the modified cars you buy, as well as the odd non-modified car that you purchase and all of the car search’s you do. From this we reckon there is currently a slight dry patch that will likely last until tommorow..where by car’s in showrooms will start getting cheap in a sort of “january sale of cars” – traditionally quite a busy time for some showrooms, and thereafter the modified cars and used car markets will instantly pick up again.

So if your selling your car just after christmas, or buying a new car or a used motor then just sit tight for a few days, and shop around!


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  1. Billig bilforsikring on May 21st, 2010 at 12:02 am

    I always love christmas time super offers, especially on cars. Sadly I dont buy cars for gifts, yet :)

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