This Weeks Modified Car Searchs

There was an astounding amount of you hunting for modified cars this week it would seem, with a record number of searches done in the high thousands! Our pick from this week was the person searching for Rotrex supercharger conversions which we had forgotten about but look so nice now I look back at them, honda engines with rotrex?

Next up we had a suprising audience in the search for hot rod’s for sale – having never really been into hot rods and drag cars (other than the road legal ones) it was interesting to take a look at the few modified hot rods currently up for sale in the uk.

Finally a search that is 100% my style – S4′s for sale – now being a total audi-head I love the higher end a4′s and the s4/rs4 – but I did not realise how many sweet looking black s4′s there are – its very tempting looking at them, but I may have to sensibly duck out and go for an s-line…but just look at the S4s!!!


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