Did you know? Most popular 3 modified cars

We will be releasing the Modified Car Auction Zeitgeist shortly but in the mean time could you guess what the most looked at cars are? The most popular modified cars? we guessed 2 out of 3, but the 3rd modified car we never expected to be in the top 5 let alone the top 3. Heres the most looked at cars for the recent past:

Top 1 most sort after modified car: Nissan Skyline GTR34
Its mad just how many people come looking for a skyline for sale, there are a bunch of different models but the fact remains the skyline gtr34 is all-time jap car awesomeness.

Top 2 most seen modified car: Toyota Supra MkIV
The mark 4 supra was a worldwide release car, but still they are being imported into the uk, which says something (probably not as many as the gtr34 but still.) With a 3 ltr engine and twin turbos as standard there’s no reason this car shouldn’t still be high up there, with sweet veilside kits and epic turbo kits the supra will probably remain in the top 10 for some time to come.

No# 3 – the unexpected contender -Modified Impreza’s
Ok so its not such a big suprise that the subaru impreza is up there on the top 3, still we expected cars like the 300zx and some of the german saloons to come up here, not another import – but yeah the impreza sti is up there apparently, at least according to what you are all looking at!

Look out for the official modified car zeitgeist soon – see what people are actually modifying and what mods are under the bonnets of your fellow street legends.


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