Modified cars blog gets an update!

Its been too long! We thought it was about time to blow away the cobwebs and start writing here again, so much has happened in 2010 in the car world, lots of nice new beefy stock cars have been released and updated, some of the german saloons out this year are hot and so many asian cars are new to the scene and just waiting to be modified to high hell.

First up we have better integrated this blog into the site, you will see a lot of that around here, hopefully ;) We have started writing some of the advice and tips on owning, modifying and insuring your cars that you have given us over the years, first page up is on modified cars insurance, getting a good deal out of your insurer (or at least to start with understanding the system a little more) and we shall be adding to this on and off over the coming times.

If any of you are interested in sharing you knowledge, fancy being hired as a journalist on the new car launchs or commenting on some of the freaky modifications out there, or just want to show off your car modifications – drop us a line – stick it in the comment below or use our contact us section.

Thats it for now. Peace.


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