Top Five Car Related Tattoos

If you are into cars and tattoos, why not combine both? If you are obsess with your car then here’s your chance to be with your beloved partner all the time. Who can blame you? Your car will not give you a hard time unlike your wife. But kidding aside, it can be a real spontaneous and wild act when you get a car tattoo. Here are the top five car related tattoos that you may want to have.

  A Chevrolet Tattoo. You will never go wrong with a cool chevy. This car brand is the heartbeat of America and with this tattoo it is like saying that you are the heartthrob of the country! You will rock the world of those who will see your tattoo!    

 A Cadillac Tattoo. If you want to feel like a star then you should get a Cadillac tattoo. This brand is famous all over the world. You will surely impress a lot of women with this cool tattoo.

  A 1949 Ford Mercury Tattoo. This brand is one of the most trusted names in the car industry. With this 1949 Ford Mercury tattoo a lot of people will be reminded of their slogan in the 40’s that there’s a ford in the future. Indeed, we are still in love with their car models.

 A Race Car Tattoo. If you are in need for speed then you should get this cool race car tattoo. Now, you do not have to worry about any traffic violation! This tattoo is better than getting an over speeding ticket!

 A Vintage Car Tattoo. Don’t you just love the classics? The vintage car tattoos have intricate details and you can also use different colors to make it more attractive.


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