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When it comes to modifying your car there are as many possibilities as there are car parts, we thought we would have a crazy go at getting as many down on one list as possible, to start with though the car mods list will be tiny, we will add when its not late on a Friday. Drop us a line if we have missed any obvious modifications, or tiny ones in fact.

Engine – Performance modifications
Turbo chargers, turbos: Single turbo conversion kits for twin turbos, Lorry turbos, ball bearing imported turbos – theres a lot of choice here
Turbo Timers: get your timing perfect, boost controllers, torque controllers etc
Super chargers: mad max did it, but you can in reality for not a HUGE sum of money, superchargers are stock in some Jags too ;)
Capacity expansion: bore them out!!
Forged pistons
Fuel system: uprate it
Oil cooler
Radiator: Bigger, leaner
Triple plate clutch/new
Bigger injectors
Nitrous oxide: not so much a modification as an addition but still red button fun
Air filter changing?: worth a few bhp
Air scoops: scooby dooby doo!
Engine struts: rigidity can be everything
New Sump: oil baby!
Ceramic coated manifolds
Exhaust: stainless steel backboxes can be illegal :o
If you are going to do the above you will probably want to do this first:
Uprated breaks: Big disks are in, fill your alloys with stopping power, carbon ceramic all the way
Suspension: lowered, air shocks, there are so many options
Racing Tyres: slicks are fun
Full roll cage: Just in case, you know

Other modifications
Body kits: new front ends, sideskirts, tail – veilside supras are our favourite example
Wing mirrors: downsized perhaps? streamlined?
Doors: Lamborghini doors, shaved door handles, no doors
Spoilers: scientifically provide down force, some just look good though
Paint: over the years in the scene we have seen some ridiculous paint jobs, from speckled foil to leopard print. do it classy if your going too.
Interior: seats, dash, make of it what you will, we like recaro deep seats
Steering wheel: something with more grip than a standard
Bass Boot: Speakers need to be throughout, obviously
Gauges: oil pressure, revometer, turbo, nitrous oxide – you may need gauges
Alloys: Rims, shoes, whatever – 20′s, 24′s, 30′s – however ridiculous there’s tons of options – split rims are cool
Harnesses: If you have racing seats you’ll need racing harnesses
Fire extinguisher: Just in case, sh*t happens
Xenon lights: see clearly even at 2am
Carbon Fibre: Add it everywhere

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