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When it comes to modified cars insurance there are a whole bunch of options, go with a specialist, one of the modified cars insurance brokers that deal only with maxxed out mini’s and lowered lexus’s, but in actual fact occasionally this can play against you, depending on several factors. Essentially the first fact to consider in getting your modified car insured is to consider insurance group, then depending on your age, sex, home and work location, previous convictions and crashes you can find an insurer which will offer you best value for money, its just a matter of perseverance (and knowing the good secrets to cheap modified cars insurance.)

modified cars insurance

Modified cars insurance groups. Now it does become a bit of a grey area once you start bolting on turbo’s and pumping nitrous oxide into your engine, but strictly speaking the base of all car insurance quotes are given based on the car’s insurance group (plus risk points are added based on additional modifications.) If you can, depending on whether you want to be paying more on insurance or your mod’s it might be good to check these before setting out to buy a car, you will often find that cars with a ‘young’ association will be more heavily weighted in the insurance-group scheme, for example a 1.8t audi a4 saloon’s group is more likely to be high than a 1.9tdi volvo, by nature of the acceleration, but also more because historically probably more 1.8turbo a4′s have been written off. Bare the insurance group of your car in mind, and know it. You can use our modified car insurance group checker to check what group your car is, or will be (bare in mind we haven’t updated it since 2007 so before then only.)

Your details. Male? Female? 20? 17? 35? Live in Essex? Kent? North Wales? Caught speeding a few times? 4 sp30′s? A felon? all of these factor into the quote you will get from your insurer, and to make sure you are properly insured its important to tell the truth, but you will find that different insurers care more or less about different factors – so if your in a specific group and looking for modified cars insurance you might want to shop around, put in the time though because the right insurer could half the bill of other insurers.

Modification Lists. When it comes to add-ons we all love collecting receipts. 500 for the turbo, 1500 for the body kit, lowered yourself. That is after all the fun of owning modified cars, no? Well all these extras do add to the associated risk that companies place on  you, and do cost more to insure, but again depending on what the modifications are the cost can be negligible. Typically engine performance modifications are gauged by how many BHP they add to your engine, which is a bit of a blunt indicator in some cases but the more specialist modified cars insurance companies will ask more info, is it a quality turbo or a cheap import? Will the body kit last well or is it badly put on and too low, fully comp insurers don’t want to pay out for silly mod’s so send them pictures, full information – if your mod’s are solid then this can save you money with a good insurer.

In time we will add a bit more of a guide here, if you all have any input as to which insurers are working for you, let us know on our contact form and we will stick up your findings for all the other people looking here for advice. The best I can offer for now is shop around, there are some serious deals to be had by taking the time to phone and click around. Haggle too!

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