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Modified Cars by Manufacturer

We have just rolled out a better way to find specific modified cars, you can now use the manufacturers drop down list to jump strait to modified cars for a specific manufacturer or using this manufacturer car auction list – we have also made each manufacturer model and price breakdowns, so you can do things [...]

Modified corsas on Modauctions

After an upsurge in the searching of you guys for modified corsas we have put together a special place where you can find the best modified corsas for sale in the uk at this very second, just to tickle your fancy. I saw one modified corsa the other day (I think it was a 54 [...]

modifiyed cars? Srsly?

Well…Looking at the sorts of words you guys are typing in to reach us is turning out to be quite interesting, one of the most common thing noticeable is typo’s. It seems we either get lazy or we just cant spell – just for modified cars I spotted 10 + variations on the spelling, which [...]

Modified cars blog gets an update!

Its been too long! We thought it was about time to blow away the cobwebs and start writing here again, so much has happened in 2010 in the car world, lots of nice new beefy stock cars have been released and updated, some of the german saloons out this year are hot and so many [...]

This Weeks Modified Car Searchs

There was an astounding amount of you hunting for modified cars this week it would seem, with a record number of searches done in the high thousands! Our pick from this week was the person searching for Rotrex supercharger conversions which we had forgotten about but look so nice now I look back at them, [...]

modauctions tastes great (we are on delicious)

Another week and another great number of modified cars for sale searchs, thanks for using the site all, if you have any feedback on the car auction search or anything to do with mod auctions please do let us know! This week we have joined the ever-great service Delicious, where you can now find the [...]

Modified Car Search

Well – a few days with the new designed site and you guys are loving it! – It seems a modified car search is what the site was missing as we have had a huge amount of search’s done in the last 48 hours for everything from Audi Turbo’s to modified GT5′s – thanks to [...]

Modified Cars For Sale – A new Look!

Well if you hadn’t already noticed the Mod Auctions website has had a complete redesign, from the ground up. Hopefully the new design will be much more usable than the last one which was seriously starting to show its age! Check out the new homepage for Modified Cars For Sale and comment here if you [...]

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