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Top Five Car Related Tattoos

If you are into cars and tattoos, why not combine both? If you are obsess with your car then here’s your chance to be with your beloved partner all the time. Who can blame you? Your car will not give you a hard time unlike your wife. But kidding aside, it can be a real [...]

Top 5 rally cars for modifying

So are you into car racing? Then, I am sure you want to own one someday. Well if you will be given the chance to modify any car to compete in the world rally car championship what would that be? There are lots of rally cars that can be a good subject for modification. But [...]

Tuning Little Cars like the Fiat Panda

If you have little cars then it is about time that you make some modifications. Why not try new look in your car this year? It can be a challenging and interesting project if you tune it into a fiat panda. This will not only enhance the look of your little car but at the [...]

Taxi’s in Bangkok – the modified car trend in taxis

Sawasdee Ka! That is how you say hello in Thailand. So if you are planning to have a trip in Bangkok which is the capital of Thailand, then you should get to know this magnificent place in the exotic Far East a little better.  Aside from the great nightlife and shopping, Bangkok is well known [...]

Why do people modify Vans?

Vans are really important nowadays. When you have business, you can really count on vans to make your deliveries. If you are a mother of five kids then you will surely appreciate the versatility and comfort of your van. Life is easy when you have a van. But why do you think people modify their [...]

Did you know? Most popular 3 modified cars

We will be releasing the Modified Car Auction Zeitgeist shortly but in the mean time could you guess what the most looked at cars are? The most popular modified cars? we guessed 2 out of 3, but the 3rd modified car we never expected to be in the top 5 let alone the top 3. [...]

modifiyed cars? Srsly?

Well…Looking at the sorts of words you guys are typing in to reach us is turning out to be quite interesting, one of the most common thing noticeable is typo’s. It seems we either get lazy or we just cant spell – just for modified cars I spotted 10 + variations on the spelling, which [...]

Modified cars blog gets an update!

Its been too long! We thought it was about time to blow away the cobwebs and start writing here again, so much has happened in 2010 in the car world, lots of nice new beefy stock cars have been released and updated, some of the german saloons out this year are hot and so many [...]

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