modifiyed cars? Srsly?

Well…Looking at the sorts of words you guys are typing in to reach us is turning out to be quite interesting, one of the most common thing noticeable is typo’s. It seems we either get lazy or we just cant spell – just for modified cars I spotted 10 + variations on the spelling, which is quite fantastic, in a way. Here is the collection of spellings:

modifid cars

modifide cars

modifiyed cars

modified carz

modifieds cars

modifield cars

modifiyed cars

modifyed cars

modofied cars

modyfied cars

midified cars

For the record guys its Modified Cars – but yeah you found us with any of them so I suppose its all good ;)

Modified cars blog gets an update!

Its been too long! We thought it was about time to blow away the cobwebs and start writing here again, so much has happened in 2010 in the car world, lots of nice new beefy stock cars have been released and updated, some of the german saloons out this year are hot and so many asian cars are new to the scene and just waiting to be modified to high hell.

First up we have better integrated this blog into the site, you will see a lot of that around here, hopefully ;) We have started writing some of the advice and tips on owning, modifying and insuring your cars that you have given us over the years, first page up is on modified cars insurance, getting a good deal out of your insurer (or at least to start with understanding the system a little more) and we shall be adding to this on and off over the coming times.

If any of you are interested in sharing you knowledge, fancy being hired as a journalist on the new car launchs or commenting on some of the freaky modifications out there, or just want to show off your car modifications – drop us a line – stick it in the comment below or use our contact us section.

Thats it for now. Peace.

Christmas Car Sale

You can understand why just before christmas everyone is selling cars to free up money or too get rid of their current motor before the new year but really this majority of sellers makes for a car buyers market pre-xmas. What about after christmas day is over though? then what happens to the car buyer/seller market?

I’m sure theres been a ton of study into this but here at modified car auctions uk we aren’t so scientific as that, we basically watch the modified cars you buy, as well as the odd non-modified car that you purchase and all of the car search’s you do. From this we reckon there is currently a slight dry patch that will likely last until tommorow..where by car’s in showrooms will start getting cheap in a sort of “january sale of cars” – traditionally quite a busy time for some showrooms, and thereafter the modified cars and used car markets will instantly pick up again.

So if your selling your car just after christmas, or buying a new car or a used motor then just sit tight for a few days, and shop around!

This Weeks Modified Car Searchs

There was an astounding amount of you hunting for modified cars this week it would seem, with a record number of searches done in the high thousands! Our pick from this week was the person searching for Rotrex supercharger conversions which we had forgotten about but look so nice now I look back at them, honda engines with rotrex?

Next up we had a suprising audience in the search for hot rod’s for sale – having never really been into hot rods and drag cars (other than the road legal ones) it was interesting to take a look at the few modified hot rods currently up for sale in the uk.

Finally a search that is 100% my style – S4′s for sale – now being a total audi-head I love the higher end a4′s and the s4/rs4 – but I did not realise how many sweet looking black s4′s there are – its very tempting looking at them, but I may have to sensibly duck out and go for an s-line…but just look at the S4s!!!

modauctions tastes great (we are on delicious)

Another week and another great number of modified cars for sale searchs, thanks for using the site all, if you have any feedback on the car auction search or anything to do with mod auctions please do let us know! This week we have joined the ever-great service Delicious, where you can now find the latest modified car links as we add them to our account (click here to view mod auctions delicious links.) This, as well as our modcar twitter will be the home of a lot of our activity, so add’ us as freinds, follow us, get in touch!

Hyundai Pony for sale?

It’s not exactly the most epic car ever is it? The Hyundai pony is way too popular for its own good – I cant believe 20 of you mod auction regulars have been searching for “hyundai pony for sale” within the first two weeks of our new search engine. Im glad to say there has been some good car’s for sale that you have uncovered though, like a really epic nissan silvia that I saw and a very nice jeep randomly. Still if you are looking for hyundai pony’s for sale you can find them here, even if it is bad taste :/

Ever seen a proper modified hyundai pony? no we haven’t either – do you have a modified hyundai-pony? wan’t to get featured on ModAuctions? send us a pic, I dare you.


Modified Car Search

Well – a few days with the new designed site and you guys are loving it! – It seems a modified car search is what the site was missing as we have had a huge amount of search’s done in the last 48 hours for everything from Audi Turbo’s to modified GT5′s – thanks to everyone using the modified car search and as ever if you have any input on the system that’s delivering modified car’s to you by the bundle let us know!

Modified Cars For Sale – A new Look!

Well if you hadn’t already noticed the Mod Auctions website has had a complete redesign, from the ground up. Hopefully the new design will be much more usable than the last one which was seriously starting to show its age! Check out the new homepage for Modified Cars For Sale and comment here if you have any criticisms/input, we think this should definitely enhance anyone’s use of the site.


The New Look Mod Auctions

As well as a complete redesign we have cut back on the pesky adverts and improved the code behind the scenes, so generally surfing the site you should see a good improvement on loading times, and of course more cars for sale / less ads than before! But we didn’t stop at a redesign, we have also added a bunch of new features including a vastly improved search, as well as a separate search for parts. You can use both from the modified car search trends page where you can also check out what the most common search’s on the site are! As well as this we also added Manufacturer specific modified cars for sales pages so you can find both aftermarket parts as well as modified-cars for sale specific to a model, e.g. Modified BMW’s.

At this point we are also looking at taking on new advertisers for the new design, we are open to all enquiries and are looking to sell advertising space to other car related business’s – if this sounds like you please Get In Touch with us.

This isn’t the end of the changes, Mod Auctions will likely remain in a somewhat flux situation until we settle on a design that works well – so expect new features to pop up here and there in the near future!

Mod Auctions – Tommorows Modified Cars – Today..Or maybe its just strait modified cars for sale – what do you think?

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