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Modified Honda Civic For Sale | Honda

The honda civic is almost the archatypal car to modified. Worldwide honda civics have been modified in everyway. The number of bodykits available to every generation of the honda civic is immense, from its original shape in the 80s and 90s to the newer models, honda civic type r and type s cars. The engines in honda civics are vtechs and never die, well rarely. In terms of engine performance there has been thousands of different setups for modified honda civic motors, there have been some amazing drag civics and some great track civics. Either way check out these modified honda civics for sale below, grab yourself a bit of classic modified car fun.

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 1995 Honda Civic EG - K20a2 Conversion *Modified*
1995 Honda Civic EG - K20a2 Conversion *Modified*6,750.00
Ending:    Sunday Jun-21-2020 19:25:13

 2005 Honda Civic 2.0i-VTEC ( a/c ) Type R Modified FACELIFT
2005 Honda Civic 2.0i-VTEC    ( a/c ) Type R Modified FACELIFT 2,295.00
Ending:    Saturday Jun-27-2020 10:27:14

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