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Modded Cars for Sale from Modified Car Auctions! - Looking for something more conventional? How about a way to buy a modified show car? Then don't dally - find a modified or normal car for yourself today!!
From Drift Cars to Show Cars, Modified and for Sale.
Modifying a car can be an expensive hobby, but buying a modified car from a modified car auction can mean you get all that for a lot less cash!
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Whether your searching for a modded honda civic or a maxxed out toyota supra - modauctions provides the best way to quickly find uk modified cars in online auctions. From secondhand BMW to custom corrolas.
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 VW Golf R, 61 Reg, 61k, Black, APR Modified, Big Spec, Leather, DAB Etc..
VW Golf R, 61 Reg, 61k, Black, APR Modified, Big Spec, Leather, DAB Etc..15,495.00
Ending:    Monday Apr-30-2018 9:49:19

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Modified car auctions are a great way to pick up a cheap modified car - save loads of money and buy a modified car from an auction!
Buying a modified car from a modified car auction will allow you to get the car alot cheaper than if you had modified it yourself! Why not try driving a Roush Mustang, they rule! But if you buy an old mustang you should get Green Flag Breakdown Cover cos they sometimes breakdown!
Buy New Automobiles and Used Cars for Sale - surfs the web and finds the best car auctions online - specialising in the modified car arena.