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As well as being your sole source for cool modified car auctions we know help you with insurance? check us out!
Often some cars considered not to be boy racer enabled are the sneaky suprise cars that are fast but low insurance grouped, meaning cheaper modified car insurance price's - stick to non GTi'S I am afraid!
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To get more information on your specific model of modified car first choose a manufacturer:

Unfortunately there is not a single car manufacturer starting with the letter E, maybe if you start one you should call it something starting with E
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Choosing the right insurance group can mean the difference of a few hundred quid a month!
While the PIMP tax is in effect for all our cool modified cars we cant help but offer some ways to save some loot, like on insurance for your modded car.
There are a ton of good insurers out there, and with a few years no claims bonus your nos powered skyline could be insured for next to nothing!