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Modified Mitsubishi Evo For Sale | Mitsubishi

The Mitsubishi Evolution (evo for short) is one of our top 10 modified cars ever. Since the mitsubishi lancer was adapted for rally the 2ltr petrol 4 door saloon market has never been the same. Often coupled with the subaru impreza the modified mitsubishi evo can be seen in as many numbers on the track as on the street. Infamously good at rally, four wheel drive and fast. The newer Evo FQ car's are epic, as are so many of the evos you will see below. Our favourites are the evo XI and the evo X, but there are many, many good mitsubishi evo's for sale out there.

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 1998 Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 Evolution V Evo 5 GSR Modified
1998 Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 Evolution V Evo 5 GSR Modified 17,995.00
Ending:    Tuesday Jan-28-2020 8:24:25 GMT

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