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Modified cars are now part and parcel of the uk youth scene, most of us have modified cars in our time and often we start with small cars - modifying your corsa is a great start
Hagrid from harry potter is a known corsa fan - but how modified is your corsa? modified corsas are reasonably popular so theres a fair number around - make yours stand out
There are hundreds of modifications you can do your vauxhall corsa, from body kits to bike mounts, from spoilers to spray jobs.
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Check out these awesome modified corsas for sale in the uk, all are in online auctions!

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 Tastefully Modified Corsa VXR Arctic Edition BIG SPEC, FORGED
Tastefully Modified Corsa VXR Arctic Edition BIG SPEC, FORGED7,250.00
Ending:    Thursday Jun-29-2017 17:18:02
Buy It Now for only: 7,250.00
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The best bit about modified corsasis that the car is sound underneath, being a vauxhall means the engine will probably last well if its looked after
Always check when you are buying a pre-modified corsa though, some cowboys dont attach stuff properly!
Redtop corsa's are popular, v6 3.2 litre modified corsas are also available if you hunt around