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Modified Peugeot 306 For Sale | Peugeot

Often seen as show cars the 306 was one of the first cars we got here at modauctions. Its short wheel base, compact but spacious inside coupled with some fantastically meaty engines considering its weight made for a breakneck speed french bomb of a car. Popular are the GTI-6 model and the Turbo diesel variants (1.9td is most popular diesel) - stock at 150 bhp the 2ltr petrol is our favourite, considering it weighs 2/3rds of what most 2ltr petrol cars weigh it can totally decimate nicer german cars (for example.) The 306 then, whether its stock, gti6 or a turbo diesel is a great buy. Check out these used modified Peugeot 306 for sale in the uk

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Currently there are not any modified Peugeot 306s for sale, so we have found these for you, stock Peugeot 306s for sale:

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