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Looking for Modified and Used Cars for sale? Well you can get some great deals here on modifies car auctions, from uk twin turbo modified supra's to hot hatchbacks with huge single turbo kits.
Hottest Modified Supra's for sale in UK auctions - Get yourself an awesome modified toyota supra here!
Over the years we have seen a lot of different modified cars hit the japanese modified car scene, but the modified toyota supra has stuck around for the longest, almost higher in popularity than that of the modified skylines, the modified supra sale has never been this popular!
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Modified Supra | Japanese Muscle

Looking for a specific type of modified toyota supra? perhaps a twin turbo strait six uk model? or a veilside kitted one? - This page on ModAuctions is pretty good but we aren't any type of supra specialists - Check out Modified Supra's over at Modified for a bigger range in toyota supra's for sale in the uk.

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 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo 6 speed manual - service history
Toyota Supra Twin Turbo 6 speed manual - service history26,995.00
Ending:    Monday Nov-11-2019 18:50:13 GMT

 Toyota Supra 3.0 * AEROTOP * TARGA * AUTO * SZ * STUNNING CAR *
Toyota Supra 3.0 * AEROTOP * TARGA * AUTO * SZ * STUNNING CAR *13,995.00
Ending:    Wednesday Nov-13-2019 14:33:04 GMT

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Some people modify thier supra's with body kits, supra side skirts and superman badges, others spend all the money under the bonnet, modifying thier supra engine, adding bigger or single turbo kits, making fast modified supras with turbo timers and nos!
Never fear Modified Car auctions are here - we scout the net for the hottest import supra's and new modified supra's for sale and bring them all to your lap..UK Twin Turbo 6 Speed Manual Supra? Sorted.
Not sure you want a modified supra? why not try our general Modified Cars For sale auctions then!